Etched Disc - Small (15mm)

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Our Etched Collection features a range of stainless steel items where the message is laser etched onto the steel. Laser etching gives a more uniform and precise finish. This pendant is 15mm in size and comes in silver, gold or rose gold stainless steel.  You can choose your own chain to go with the pendant. It is a very simple but elegant design.

There are a number of fonts you can choose from (see image for samples). You may also choose a design image to go with your message (see image for samples). If you prefer, you can also choose only to have a design image. Please note there are some size restrictions on the design images and they may not suit all items.

NOTE: Laser etching is only available on a select range. It is not available on our complete collection of bracelets and pendants. The etched disc shown in the photos is 10mm in size so this pendant would be slightly bigger.