Etched Vertical Bar

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Our Etched Collection features a range of stainless steel items where the message is laser etched onto the steel. Laser etching gives a more uniform and precise finish. This pendant is approx 10mm wide and 45mm long. It comes in silver, gold or rose gold stainless steel.  Select a chain to match this piece.

This design is something a little different and will look stunning whether you use wording or a simple design image as shown.  If choosing text for this piece, please bear in mind that the text will run along the longer edge.

There are a number of fonts you can choose from (see image for samples). You may also choose a design image to go with your message (see image for samples). If you prefer, you can also choose only to have a design image. Please note there are some size restrictions on the design images and they may not suit all items.

NOTE: Laser etching is only available on a select range. It is not available on our complete collection of bracelets and pendants.