Lotus Flower Car Diffuser

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Lotus Flower Car Diffuser
Lotus Flower Car Diffuser
Lotus Flower Car Diffuser
Lotus Flower Car Diffuser
Lotus Flower Car Diffuser

The Lotus Flower Car Diffuser works wonders when using essential oils to freshen up your car or for therapeutic benefits. This design is made from stainless steel and features a magnetic closure.

The diffuser simply slides onto one of the fins of your air vent.  Each diffuser comes with a variety of coloured felt pads for the oil application.

Easy to use: 
Open the diffuser - it uses a magnet to keep it closed.  Choose your favourite essential oil and simply add a few drops onto the felt pads provided. Reapply as necessary. Please be careful when adding the oil to the felt pad to remove it from the holder to avoid any excess oil from getting directly onto the car interior surfaces.
Some uses of essential oils:Bracelet / Bangle
Lavender - Soothes anxiety. 
Tea Tree - Boosts metabolism. 
Peppermint - calms indigestion, relieves sinus congestion and headaches. 
Eucalyptus - Helps relieve cold and flu symptoms. 
Frankincense - Fights fatigue.
There are many more to choose from. 
NOTE:  We have a limited amount of stock available.  If the colour you order is temporarily out of stock, please rest assured that more stock is on its way and we will endeavour to fulfill your order within 2-3 weeks.